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Science Lesson 135: (Camping and Hunting) How to Look for Sharp Tools

~~~ Today, I’ll be talking about how to shop for sharp tools for camping and/or hunting.

~~~ There are many different articles out there that can help you find these things. Some tools for camping will depend on your needs and looking at online websites will give you reasonable prices. One thing that may be useful is a folding knife because it has many different functions and can fit easily in your pocket. There is also another tool that can be useful and that is an axe, you want to use this tool carefully because it can be dangerous.

~~~ In general, it can be said that there is many different types of equipment or tools out there on websites, but you must know what you need.

History Lesson 135: Jesus Christ’s Life and Accomplishments

~~~ Today, I’ll be Talking about Jesus Christ’s life and his accomplishments.

~~ There is a story of Jesus’s birth and I’m now going to talk about it. An angel came to visit a Jewish girl named Mary in 2-3 AD. Jesus was born while Mary and Joseph were at Bethlehem. People that saw Jesus at his birth were shepherds and also a group of wise men from the East of Bethlehem saw his birth. When Jesus grew up, he worked as a carpenter (a person who builds things with wood).

~~~ Jesus’s ministry began about 32-33 AD when he was 30 years old. He quickly attracted crowds as he began to teach and preach. His first miracle occurred at a wedding where there was a lack of wine and he turned 6 vats of water into wine. Also, with only a word, Jesus healed blind, deaf, people with disabilities, demon possessed and lame (people who are unable to walk) people.

~~~ Taking everything into account, Jesus was hung on a cross and was left to die. Once he died, he was resurrected and most people saw it with their own eyes. Just 70 days later, Jesus descended into heaven. He had a lot of wisdom and humility.

English Lesson 135: The Taming of The Shrew Book

~~~ Today, I’ll be talking about the story called The Taming of The Shrew.

~~~ This play was written in 1590-1592 and was written by William Shakespeare. The main characters of the play are Katherine, Petruchio, Bianca, Baptista, Lucentio, Traino, Gremio, Hortensio, Grumio, Biondello and Christopher Sly. There are also background characters, but I just mentioned the main characters. A girl named Katherine (Kate) cannot marry until her younger sister, Bianca marries. The book is called The Taming of The Shre because Kate is an ill-tempered woman and Petruchio “tames” her by torments, he kept her from eating and drinking until she becomes a desirable bride.

~~~ Later in the book, the marriage for Kate takes place and after that, they went over to Petruchio’s house for the wedding dinner, and he didn’t accept it because Kate was still an ill-tempered woman. Petruchio is the suitor of Kate. For her younger sister, she has 3 suitors who are: Gremio, Lucentio and Hortensio. For Petrino, he has 6 suitors all named: Curtis, Nathaniel, Joesph, Peter, Nicolas and Philip. The Pendent pretends to be Vicencio who is a smart man and the father of Lucentio. When they were acting, they were matching up making sure the play was right. At the end of the story, Petruchio successfully tamed the shrew which is Kate, and she became a beautiful bride and got married. She has gotten married to Petruchio.

~~~ To summarize, I think that this was an excellent play and I suggest that you and/or your friends read it too. In this essay, I’ve explained it like I was telling a friend that has never read it before or never heard of it.

History Lesson 131: Julius Caesar’s Accomplishments

~~~ Today, I’ll be talking about Julius Caesar’s accomplishments in his life.

~~~ In 70 BCE, Pompey and Crassus, two successful generals, demanded to be made consuls to restore some order to the city. In 60 BCE, Pompey and Crassus made an alliance with Julius Caesar who was another great general. The first triumvirate (a triumvirate is a group of three people) gained important military positions. In 59 BCE, Julius Caesar became consul and both Pompey and Crassus again in 55 BCE. Crassus was killed in battle and Pompey was given a command away from Rome. He fought against Pompey’s army in 48 BCE. Julius Ceasar was murdered by his own friends.

~~ Overall, it may be said that Julius Ceasar was a great dictator and made Rome a better place.

English Lesson 131: Comparing and Contrasting Tom Sawyer Characters

~~~ Today, I’ll be using the characters: Tom Sawyer, Aunt Polley and Huck Finn from the book called the Adventures of Tom Sawyer. In this essay, I’ll be comparing and contrasting all three of these characters. Before doing that, I’ll be explaining what the book is about to give you an idea.

~~~ The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a novel written in 1876 by Mark Twain and is about a boy, who grew up living next to the Mississippi River. Tom Sawyer is an orphan who lives with his aunt, Polly and also lives with his stepbrother Sid.

~~~ Now to the topic. All three characters have a difference and similarity. Sid and Tom are different because Sid likes to stay home al of the time and Tom likes to go out and hang out with Huck Finn. Huck and Tom are similar because they both like to get out and have adventures. Both Sid and Aunt Polly are similar because they control Tom and punish him if he was acting bad one day. Huck and Tom are also different because Tom is confident before doing something and Huck is always nervous before doing something.

~~~ In a nutshell, we first talked about the main points of the story and then I talked about all three characters and compared and contrasted them.

English Lesson 125: A Story Using First Person and Active Voice

~~~ In this second essay, I’ll be talking about another story but instead of using third person and active voice, I’ll be using first person and passive voice.

~~~ First person is the opposite of third person. Instead of talking about someone else, we talk about ourselves. I remember that when I was 6-years-old, I used to go roller skating. I also would roller skate with my friend, and she used to make me laugh so hard that I kept falling down. Then sometime later, the lights went on and they were playing music while the people danced to it. I didn’t do the dancing because I didn’t want to end up hurting myself.

~~~ To conclude, this is my essay about some of my funny moments which was me trying to learn how to roller skate for the first time. This was also a field trip from school.

English Lesson 125: A Story Using Third Person and Active Voice

~~~ In this essay, I’ll be telling a story using third person and active voice. I’ll also in the story describe someone in my family.

~~~ My story is going to be about my grandmother. Before I start, I’ll explain what third person is. Third person is being the narrator, you’re not supposed to talk about yourself but someone else you know. Now let’s get back to the story. My grandmother works as a machine operator. She has been doing this for a long time and her job is to run parts through giant machines and then take the tiny parts and look at them through a microscope to make sure that they are not damaged before giving them out. She does this for eight hours straight. When she gets home, she likes to either play on her phone or play a game called World of Worldcraft (most people like to call it WOW). Another thing that my grandmother does is she takes me to a gym three times a week and I do Muay-Thai and Jiu-Jitsu.

~~~ To conclude this essay, this is my third person, active voice story about my grandmother. I’ve also said in this essay that third person is where you talk about someone else you know and not yourself.

History Lesson 125: The Three Punic Wars Between Rome and Carthage

~~~ Today, I’ll be talking about the three Punic wars that were fought between Rome and Carthage.

~~~ We’ll talk about the first Punic war. It began in 264 BCE and both cities (Syracuse and Messina) had a disagreement and fought, Messina called Rome and the Carthaginians backed Syracuse. It was no longer a war about disagreement but who will control Sicily. The war lasted from 264-241 BCE (63 years).

~~~ In the next war, Hannibal (general of Carthage) took his army up to Italy where Rome was located. He took with him 38,000 men, 8,000 infantry (men who fight on foot) and 37 war elephants to the Alps mountains. Even though he didn’t defeat Rome, his is known for being the greatest leader in history.

~~~ In the third Punic war, Rome forced a war and besieged (to conquer) Carthage. This last war was as much as Carthage couldn’t handle Rome’s power. They fell in the year 149 BCE which is when all of the Punic wars ended. The third Punic war lasted 3 years.

~~~ To conclude, all of these wars were between both Carthage and Rome. Rome would defeat them and then they paid a lot of money to Rome. All three of the Punic wars lasted 118 years which is a really long time.

History Lesson 120: Rome’s Early Wars

~~~ Today, I’ll be talking about the early wars in Rome.

~~~ This war was between the Senones and Clusians in the year 387 BCE. The Senones were a Gallic tribe trying to find new land and the Clusians did not want them to. The Romans saw a war and joined in the fight. After the Romans beat the Clusians, the Gauls marched to Rome and invaded the city. What was weird was that he Gauls didn’t interfere with anyone else along the way to reaching Rome. The Gauls were able to defeat the Romans and burned most of their manuscripts. A treaty was arranged, and Rome had to pay 1,000 pounds of gold.

~~~ The Samnites were a native Italian tribe living to the North of Rome. They tried to expand their territory and asked Rome for help. When the war was started and ended, the Samnites signed a peace treaty. Rome broke the treaty and just after 5 years, the Samnites were already going to ask for peace. The Samnites tore down Rome, but then in the third war, the Romans tore down the Samnites.

~~~ To conclude, in the Gallic war, the Romans were destroyed but then slowly started rebuilding again. In the three Samnites wars, they were both pretty even in the beginning but then the Romans destroyed them. These wars lasted for 60 years which is a really long time for wars, but it was also three and not just one.

English Lesson 120: Identifying the Worldviews of Three Authors

~~~ Today, I’ll be talking about the worldviews of three authors. The authors and books are: G.A. Henty (Wulf the Saxon), Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes) and Charles Dickens (A Christmas Carol). I’ll first explain what the book is about and then analyze the author’s worldview.

~~~ First Let’s talk about Wulf the Saxon by G.A. Henty This is a story of a young thane (a person who helps the king) who wins a favor by Earl Harold and became King, so Wulf assisted in the Welsh wars. The author G.A. Henty made this book, and his worldview was Wulf being in war helping the King of England (Harold). This book was also published in 1895.

~~~ Next, is the story of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. This book has many stories of Sherlock Holmes solving crime cases. Arthur Conan Doyle made Sherlock as a fictional character in 1887. He also wrote the book the same year. Arthur Conan Doyle’s worldview is that he made a book of a fictional character who is a detective and solves crime cases.

~~~ Lastly is the book which is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. This is a book about a man named Scrooge and his friends who have passed away took him through his past. At the end of the book, he is cheery and has a wonderful Christmas. Charles Dickens worldview of this book is to teach a lesson that Christmas is not about getting presents from other people but giving and being grateful for your family and friends.

~~~ To finish, the first book that we have talked about was the Wulf the Saxon book by G.A. Henty. What I like about this book is that Henty writes a book about what he went through in life but uses fictional characters. The second book that we have talked about was Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. What I liked about this book was that it is pretty interesting how Holmes took all of the evidence that he had to figure out what had actually happened. The last book that we have talked about was A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. What was very interesting was that it was all a dream, and he was going through his past.